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Version: 1.0.0 Type: application AppVersion: 1.0.0

Kodexa AI - A Helm chart for Kodexa Platform


Repository Name Version minio 11.10.24 postgresql 12.1.5 kodexa 6.0.0-3725657956


Key Type Default Description
affinity object {}
autoscaling.enabled bool true
autoscaling.maxReplicas int 2
autoscaling.minReplicas int 1
autoscaling.targetCPUUtilizationPercentage int 80
fullnameOverride string "kodexa-dharma"
image.pullPolicy string "Always"
image.repository string "platform"
imagePullSecrets[0].name string "docker-config"
ingress.annotations."" string "{\"Type\": \"redirect\", \"RedirectConfig\": { \"Protocol\": \"HTTPS\", \"Port\": \"443\", \"StatusCode\": \"HTTP_301\"}}"
ingress.annotations."" string "[{\"HTTPS\":443}]"
ingress.annotations."" string "internet-facing"
ingress.annotations."" string "instance"
ingress.annotations."" string "alb"
ingress.enabled bool false
ingress.hosts[0].paths[0] string "/"
kodexa.enabled bool true
minio.auth.rootPassword string "dlhw35WndfDF834rxUasdf"
minio.enabled bool false
nameOverride string ""
nodeSelector object {} string "dummy" Deployment target AWS account number string "us-east-1" Deployment target AWS region string "" Deployment target AWS IAM role
platform.cache.s3accessKey string ""
platform.cache.s3endpoint string ""
platform.cache.s3secretAccessKey string ""
platform.cacheBucket string ""
platform.createBuckets string "false"
platform.datasource.max int 20
platform.datasource.password string ""
platform.datasource.url string ""
platform.datasource.username string ""
platform.environment string ""
platform.featureFlags string ""
platform.hostname string ""
platform.initialPassword string "" Platform initial password
platform.profile string ""
platform.recommendedClientVersion string "" Recommended client version
platform.runtimeEnvironment object {}
platform.sentry object {"dsn":""} Sentry config for metrics string "" string "" string ""
platform.storeBucket string ""
platform.vpc.securityGroupIds string ""
platform.vpc.subnetIds string ""
podAnnotations object {}
podSecurityContext object {}
postgresql.enabled bool false
replicaCount int 1
repositoryPrefix string "" The prefix to use for the repository
resources.limits.cpu string "4000m"
resources.limits.memory string "8500Mi"
resources.requests.cpu string "2000m"
resources.requests.memory string "8500Mi"
securityContext object {}
service.port int 80
service.type string "NodePort"
serviceAccount.annotations object {} Annotations to add to the service account
serviceAccount.create bool true Specifies whether a service account should be created string "" The name of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template
tolerations list []

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