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OpenAI Answers


Provides a question-answer endpoint for high accuracy text generations

Coming soon.

You can list a component in the marketplace, and define if you want it to be a template.

✅ Available in Marketplace

✅ Can be used as a template to create a new component

What is a Model?

This component is a model, which is a type of store that is specialized for handling AI/ML model storage, which includes both the implementation, and the results of training.

Models are a foundational part of Kodexa, and are used in many different ways. For example, a model can be used to classify documents, or to extract data from documents. Models can also be used to train other models.


❌ Non-Atomic Deployment (Not-Recommended)

✅ Trainable

Model Runtime

A model needs to reference a model runtime to use.

✅ kodexa/base-model-runtime

Additional Taxon Options

Models can provide additional properties that can be used to configure the taxon. These are made available in the UI and allow the model to capture additional metdata during the labeling process, this can then be used by the model.

Option Name Default Required? Type Description
question None True string The question to answer
limitScope None True boolean Classify text to limit scope