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Zip File Assistant


Unzip zip files that are uploaded into a store

This assistant will automatically unzip your zip file so there will be no need for another tool to load documents. It also removes the zip file from the store.

You can list a component in the marketplace, and define if you want it to be a template.

✅ Available in Marketplace

✅ Can be used as a template to create a new component

What is an Assistant?

Assistants are the building blocks of the automation system. They are the components that decides the actual work of the automation system. They can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks, from sending notifications, building pipelines and organizing workflow.


Below are the options for this assistant.

Option Name Default Required? Type Description
delete_zip True False boolean Delete the zip file after completing the unzipping process
## Reactive

This assistant can be triggered by content based events on stores which it is monitoring.