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OCR Model Runtime Training Action



You can list a component in the marketplace, and define if you want it to be a template.

❌ Not available in Marketplace

❌ Can not be used as a template


Option Name Default Required? Type Description
model_store None True modelStore The model to use for inference
training_store None False documentStore If the training store is provided then the training data will be loaded from the store and the document will be ignored
training_id None False string The training run ID to use (default to latest)
baseline_training_id None False string The training run ID that we will load as baseline for the training
runtime_parameters None True object The parameters to pass to the runtime
model_options None True object The options to pass to the model
training_options None False object The options to pass to the training process
additional_training_document None False document This allows us to pass in an additional document that will introduce into training, this is useful for training/testing on a single document