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Kodexa is both a processing, data management and ML platform that is highly extensible to solve a wide range of unstructured and intelligent document processing requirements.


Data Storage Locations

Data is held in three locations within the deployment.

  • Object Storage (Binary Data, Native Files)
  • Database (Metadata, Configuration, Structured Data)
  • Search Indexing (Metadata, Configuration, Structured Data) - Optional
  • Analytics Datamart (Structured Data, Audit, Extraction Metadata) - Optional

Data Movement in the Platform

All Data arrives in the platform through our secure REST API. Within the core platform all data movement is between the platform instance, Object Storage, a Database.

Optional, based on your deployment, data can also be replicated into search indexes and/or a datamart for analytic reporting.

Extension Packs can be deployed either within the Kubernetes cluster or using cloud native serverless deployments. These only communicate with the REST API.

Network Delineation

The platform is usually deployed with ingress made available through the Kubernetes environment. All access is usually within a private network and can be made available to an enterprise network using standard cloud capabilities.


A typical deployment will be configured to use either an OAuth provider or internal security.

Sessions are managed in the user experience using JWT tokens that are created from a successful authentication event and then propagated to the user experience.


The platform deployment supports encryption of all communication and also the ability to support encryption for data at rest.