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Working with Options

There are several places where we have the ability to define options in our metadata.

Options are there to allow you to define configuration for a component, parameters you available for things like actions or assistants. It also covers how we can expose additional settings for labels (options on a Taxon) or for a model to train or infer.

Option Types

Below is a list of the available option types.

Type Description
script, pythonScript, javascript Allows you to enter a script
attributeStatus Choose an attribute status
documentStatus Choose a document status
label Choose a document label
simpleExpression A simple expression
document Select a document
pipelineModelOptions Allow the configuration of options for one or more models in the pipeline
pipeline Manage a pipeline object (made up of steps
tableStore Choose a data store
modelStore Choose a model store
documentStore Choose a document store
taxonomyStore Choose a taxonomy (Data Stucture)
taxon_label Select a taxon in a taxonomy
taxon_label_with_properties Select a taxon and then allow the configuration of options related to the taxon
string A string
boolean A boolean
number A number

Option Configuration

Options are defined in several places.