Often when you are working with a model, you will want to provide additional labels that the model can use. These labels don't typically represent the data that the end-user wants to extract but it is often meta-labels that help the model understand the structure of the document.

These labels need to be available to the user to use when they are using the model.

In the model metadata these labels are defined as a taxonomy in the taxonomy section of the model.yaml file.

slug: my-model
version: 1.0.0
orgSlug: kodexa
type: store
storeType: MODEL
name: My Model
  atomic: true
  state: TRAINED
  modelRuntimeRef: kodexa/base-model-runtime
  type: model
  provider: Amazon Web Services
  providerUrl: https://aws.amazon.com/textract/
      name: My Model Label Taxonomy
      description: A taxonomy of labels that are used by the model
      slug: my-model-label-taxonomy
      type: taxonomy
      enabled: true
        - name: MyModel/LabelExample
          label: Label Example
          description: This is a child label
          enabled: true

    - model/*