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Data Stores

Data stores are designed to hold structured data that has been extracted from a set of labeled documents that are held in a document store.

The data store is linked to a Data Structure (internally called a Taxonomy). The Data Structure formalizes the structure of the data into groups and individual data attributes, then the actual data points and their related groups are created in the data store (with lineage back to the document store holding the document representation).

Store Options

The data store has a number of options that can be set to control how it behaves. These are set on the store object and are:

  • allowDataEditing - If set to true then the UI will allow the user to edit the data. Note that this setting is not currently enforced by the API.

  • deleteProtection - If set to true then the store will be protected from deletion. This means that you can't delete the store or delete all its contents. However, you can still delete documents from the store.

Anatomy of a Data Store

A data store consists of data objects and data attributes. These refer to a taxonomy instance which defines their structure and data types.

DATA_OBJECT ||--o{ DATA_OBJECT : "parent of"
TAXONOMY ||--o{ DATA_OBJECT : "defines"