At the heart of a taxonomy is the concept of a "Taxon".

In the Kodexa world a Taxon in essence represents a data point, that can be either a single value or a collection of values. When we want a taxon to represent a group of values we set its group property to true.

If a taxon is a group, then it can have child taxons. A child taxon can be either a group or a single value. A child taxon can also have child taxons, and so on.

A taxon can have a number of properties, including a name, a description, a type, and a group property. The name and description are used to describe the taxon to a human user. The type is used to describe the type of data that the taxon represents. The group property is used to indicate whether the taxon is a group or a single value.

Taxon's belong to a Taxonomy. A Taxonomy is a collection of Taxons.

In this next section we will learn more about how the properties of a taxon are used to describe the taxon to a human user, and also how they effect the way that the taxon is used to capture data.